A friend; That’s who we are. Gently by the star, sailing in the wind. We feel hands intertwined as one. Then find the universe embracing our sun. Guiding ourselves letting go themselves loving our tales we release the scales.


Bring me back I feel lost in my mind In a crazy world; unhinged What door did I find? Am I in this bind? Gods, science, deliverance? I feel off the wheel How do I steal… Escape this room Filled with stars Falling; falling; crawling, Is this the end?

Let Go

What happens when you let go? When you let the universe be Let your shoulders down… Let your tension drown Go deeper; feel the flow Touch the wind Feel the sky Let your spirit fly


I woke On Tuesday, like shimmering water Sadness became clear Like rain on the window sill Peering Breathing breathless My heart could barely move I felt it in my bones Whispers of sadness On any day Not Tuesday Any day

The Blance

The weave of time waves Like flickers of flame Ripples of life Finding balance Do you see it? The game Light vs. dark Right vs. wrong Black vs. white As one