Everything Is Balance
  1. February 11, 2021

    I’m a perfect dewdropI rest on the leaf of lifeI hear a trickle of rainIt’s happening now, with breathtaking persistence I’m still as an ancient caveI hear the echos of time at the momentI hear the beat of my heartI measure my breath as I stare Fire cracklesI see sparks like starsI see them spiral…
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  2. February 04, 2021

    I see the endI see it beginI see the symmetryI see this life I’m convincedLife is balanceBeside the universeInside this verse Order is chaosChaos is orderNight is dayYesterday today Silence is goldenSilence with musicNotes with orderThere is no border Play this post

  3. January 21, 2021

    War torn fieldsIn the digital battlefield I look upon the carcasses of botsRussian misinformation machinesPeople with scarsFriends with tears The roads of RomeThe digital highways of America We have won the battleThough the war is far from overOur new battle has just begun Play this post

  4. January 10, 2021

    I’m a diamondCompressed by realityI feel the weight of my country’s fears I feel it allI feel the burn in my soulI want to scream I’ll never be the sameAnd neither will we Play this post

  5. December 29, 2020

    I hear echos of disconnectionFriends, and family, in the noiseSevered cords once persistentGone, we are distant As death cleaves usMy mind wandersIt wonders of a time gone byA time to say goodbye Play this post

  6. December 29, 2020

    Have you heard it?Or better yet felt it.Like raindrops on a tin roof.Slowly growing, slowly beating,our mind goes retreating. As riders on the storm,we hear echos all alone,we feel rivers moving tall, as our mind takes a fall. We hear silence then a small ringing in our ears.As the sun comes up in May,we hear…
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  7. December 29, 2020

    My life, so grey, it’s so not meLike wilting petals limp on the asphaltDirectionless, with a side of melancholyBlown away like autumn leaves As I grow, I becomeI become who I amMy voice’s pitch sounds like meIt carries grace, and confidence you see It won’t be long nowI will be me Play this post

  8. December 29, 2020

    I’m listening to YouTube on a WednesdayI hear the beat of my heartI hear the music of the moment as time flies byWhat happens if I press stand by? Now is all we haveTime is nonexistent in the past, and the futureIt only exists right now, and nowhere elseUse your moment, or else Play this…
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  9. December 19, 2020

    Are you a good person?Do you feel it in your bones?Does waking lift your heart?Are you ready to start? As you feel your day,does it feel like magic?Do the pieces fit?Does your life flow with it? As we make our mark on the world.We’ll find glittering gold.In the recesses of our minds,in the spirit of…
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  10. December 15, 2020

    When we can order Amazon Prime NowAs the Uber driver drops our eatsWhile we play our mobile gamesAs Netflix streams in the background It’s impossible to believe the impossibleCould our world dissolve into illusion?How could our mighty country fall?Who can believe the gall? With the world literally at our fingertipsIt’s difficult to believe the impossibleDid…
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