Balance is Everything; meditate on that fact. If you’re going too fast, you’ve lost balance. If you’re going too slow, you’ve lost balance. When you turn the heat up too high on your stove and burn your food, you’ve lost balance. Applying balance to everything you do will increase the quality of your life.

Semi-regular and unforced meditation will help you maintain balance. When we’re active 100% of the time, we have lost balance. Think of meditation as an exercise in balance itself.

Consuming eastern philosophy will give you a strong background on why balance is essential. Once you’re done reading your favorite philosophical books, start looking at the world with the new lens you have created for yourself.

Let Go

Let go of your hang-ups. Hang-ups often come in the form of mental blocks, physical blocks, and emotional outbursts. When we get stuck on something like talking too much when we’re nervous, believing we are not good at something, and other negative thought patterns, we hold ourselves back.

Open Up

Often we’ll hide away from the outside world. We might avoid people because we can’t handle human interaction, which is sometimes useful to maintain balance. However, opening up to people builds new connections with people that will benefit both of you. We interact with hundreds of people per day, meeting one of them could be one of the best decisions you ever made.


Now is all we have. When we spend too much time living in the past or the future, we lose balance and get stuck. Life marches on, but we stand still and regret living with regrets, sadness, pain, and fear. It’s a vicious cycle of imbalance that leaves us hoping for a better future then we start living there instead.