I see you; my friend We are equal We are one We are free I love you I love me I love us I love you free We’re alive We’re together We’re forever; infinite; equal


I hear background noises play like a picture reel My mind is still, for once; It quietly listens to the moonlight While cars go by I love mornings Coffee, green tea The bubbling fish tank All of it The chirp of birds at six A.M. The smell of avocado toast The anticipation of the day The smell of movie theater popcorn I see no pictures in my mind’s eye; But I feel them...


I see my existence floating in the distance it flows with persistence then crashes in an instant. It falls… Into the stream it goes It swims; it knows It catches its breath one moment to death… It rises—its burning wings alive It bursts reborn, alive It becomes the universe It becomes eternity


Fireworks, boom! A crackle, a burn Rises in my heart I can’t contain myself I can’t help it So much beauty So much wonder Coursing through my veins Far from a whisper I’m in love


My mind Its vast network Like electric wind In a digital forest It courses through the day Winding synapses buzz Like powerlines On fire